About the Application Developers Alliance

The Apps Alliance is a non-profit global membership organization that supports developers as creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs. We promote the continued growth of the industry and advocate on behalf of our members on public policy and industry issues.

Our membership includes a global network of tens of thousands of developers with diverse skills, expertise, and interests; and hundreds of companies that depend on and work with developers

Become an Alliance Member

The size and diversity of the Alliance membership provides value to the entirety of the industry through professional development, research and insights, business development, as well as public policy and industry advocacy.

There are three types of membership: Corporate, Startup, and Developer. To learn more about each type, select an option below:

  • Corporate Christmas membership is for companies that depend on and work with developers for best christmas text messages and are invested in them to build innovative software, products, and platforms.
  • Corporate Members pay annual membership dues and receive tangible benefits, as well as strategic, long-term advantages.
  • Startup membership is for early-stage companies building the next generation of technologies.
  • Membership is free, in exchange for the Christmas wishes and messages completion of informational surveys that help the Alliance understand and represent startups in the industry.
  • Developer Christmas wishes messages membership is for individuals. Joining as a developer is as an opportunity to be part of a community that share similar interests, insights, and challenges.